Chest Binder Manual


You may need this guide from the moment you get your binder to the end of its life.


If you feel increased confidence in your body and appearance when binding, it might be tempting to wear it as much as possible. However, it’s important that anyone who binds makes sure to give their body proper rest and not wear it all the time. This means that you can’t wear the binder for more than 8 hours a day and don’t sleep in it.

You can choose FLOW binders CB10/CB11 to liberate you from the constraints of an 8-hour usage cap, enabling you to wear them for prolonged periods (10-12 hours). However, please avoid wearing them while sleeping.

If you’re wearing a binder with a zip or adjustable eye hooks, you can unzip it or adjust it to a looser row to get a break after wearing them for 2-3 hours. Nothing is more important than your health.

Don’t try to use binder and tape at the same time, it will affect the life of them and put your body under an extra burden.


Wearing a binder during sex?

When it comes to your personal safety, it no longer matters that you are dysphoric. Sex with binders is dangerous. Orgasms result in shortness of breath (meaning you absolutely need to be able to breathe easily), and some people report that they stop breathing altogether. Sex, in general, tends to be physically strenuous for all parties involved. Don’t pick your poison at this point.


For Physical Activity?

From a physical health perspective, wearing a binder with at least one size bigger or lighter compression (medium level) is often the safest option during physical activity. For optimal comfort and mobility, we suggest purchasing a chest binder in the racerback style such as CB08 or CB09. This will provide ample space for your arms and back to move freely.


For Swimming?

Sure, just go!


hand wash

Hand Wash

Machine washing your binder can damage the seams of your binder and can reduce its lifespan. Instead, hand wash your binder in the sink with mild detergent and cold water, and do not let it soak for a long period of time.

hang dry

Lay Flat to Dry

DO NOT PUT YOUR CHEST BINDER IN THE DRYER. Drying your chest binder in the dryer could stretch them out. Air drying is worth the time it takes. Get a drying rack or drape your chest binder over a surface to let them breathe and dry. Hanging a chest binder by the straps will stretch the straps out.


After using a chest binder for a period of time, if it starts to wear out or not compress as much, you may need to buy a new chest binder.

The bandage binder has attached with an elastic band at the front. By checking the band or the fabric of the binder, you will have an idea of how much life your binder has left. If they are no longer stretchable, it means they can’t help tighten your chest. If the bandage has stretched entirely after years, then it is time to shop for a replacement.

Just so you know, normally, a binder will not rip or break in a short period of time. If it does, this doesn’t mean that it has a quality problem; more likely, it is not the most suitable size for you, and it has been under too much pressure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will tell you what to do.

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